Age of Darkness

One Deadly Dungeon

Entry 1

The family was found, but unfortunately only the daughter survived. The mausoleum has been dangerous since entry and the party has knocked on deaths door many times.

Entry 2

Hidden ruins under the mausoleum have proven to be difficult to travel through. Many enemies and obstacles have halted the party at every turn.

Entry 3

A rising water trap and a cavern with a narrow ledge that most certainly lead to death had to be overcome. Pieter was a stranger to the group that proved to be very heroic and useful, but he met his end at the hands of a Web Golem in the tomb room of the shackled king. The adventurers press on.

Death of a Party

One horned Black Dragon. Killed nearly everyone. Jenaya was the only survivor.

Keos's Journal

Entry 1

I went down the stairs first, I always go first (I went down first as well), I always lead. By now I should expect to be swiped at whenever I look around a corner. Lizard took a big swing at my head, it still hurts. Because of the bottleneck, the rest of my fellows couldn’t make it down the stairs. This meant that I was target number one for the big guy’s attacks. I held my ground for a while, but I eventually went down. I nearly walked through the light, but Thoron helped me out in the nick of time.

Entry 2

We won the fight apparently, I was unconscious for most of it, but I eventually got enough strength to get back up. Almost as soon as I woke up I was entrusted with watching a Shaman lizard. He looked a little arrogant to me, so I tried to show him who’s boss. Being bloodied didn’t help… it didn’t work, so I tied him to a heavy wooden door. Showed him!

Entry 3

I missed all of the fun. The guys came out of the basement carrying a load of loot and a shiny looking sword. They gave it to me, of all people! I suppose I’m the only one who can swing a sword properly. It has the hilt of dragon heads, it looks awfully mystical to me. I hope it doesn’t prove too dangerous. Word is we’re heading out, after some sleep, to find a large stone. Something about sacrifices and a lizard king. Sounds like fun to me!

Forgotten Shrine and Ruined Tower

The adventurers found an old shrine in the swamp. As they approached, they were ambushed by more hooded figures. Keos heard the sounds of battle and joined the adventurers in their fight. After the fight was settled, they explored the shrine. Several symbols were found and a way to go deeper into the shrine was discovered. Before exploring deeper, the party rested for the night. The next day they discovered a pyramid of bones in the basement of the shrine. Keos stepped onto the floor of the chamber and awoke several skeletons and a ghoul. At the fights end it was discovered that some form of ritual could cleanse the place of evil.

The adventurers left the shrine and continued to travel to Hommlet. They spotted a ruined tower and decided to explore it. They killed several Lizardfolk and found two books: A History of Arkhosia and A History of Bael Turath. The party has yet to delve deeper into the ruins.

Ruined Temple and Caravan Ambush

Temple Ruins

A large fight broke out inside a ruined temple. Many lizard folk attacked the party. This included a lizard shaman. The fight grew closer and closer to the middle of the temple as the lizard shaman ran away. He was eventually chased down by Corrin. Throron and Auron were nearly killed during the fight, but they made miraculous recoveries.

Ambushed by Caravan

A caravan of hooded figures was seen traveling through the Misty Marshes by the party. Corrin approached the caravan in order to figure out who they were and what they were doing. During this process he was jumped and eventually surrounded by the hooded figures. As Corrin was struck down, the rest of the party engaged the enemy. The covered wagon made its escape during the fight. The hooded figures turned to stone after being killed. Auron learned this the hard way after he lost his sword. After all of the hooded figures were despatched of or ran away, the party had their first casualty… Corrin. The party then continued going West through the Misty Marshes until they spotted a tower in the distance.

Journey into the Misty Marshes

Corrin, Artemis Kronos, Jenaya, Auron, and Thoron are all strangers that met together in the Griffon’s Nest Inn after reading a help-wanted sign for adventurers to travel beyond the safety of New Haven’s walls.

An old adventurer gave them the task of exploring the wilderness to try and discover the sources of the strange happenings occurring as of late. One of these happenings is the continued disappearance of caravans from Hommlet in the swamp, not to mention the strange lights in the swamp. Another is to discover the identity, or reason, that hooded figures have been continually spotted in and around the town.

The adventurers, over a round of ale, decide that they will trek west through the swamp the following morning, and the old man promised a decent daily wage along with supplies for the journey. A strange hooded man was present for the meeting, but he did not stay long after it concluded.

Bright and early the next morning, the adventurers, not including the hooded man, received their supplies and began to head west into the Misty Marshes. They realized, soon after the start of the journey, that traveling through the marshes is a much more difficult task than they expected. Auron was feeling the stress on his body through the day and it took a toll on his body.

When night time was nearing, the adventurers, aided by Thoron, found a dry spot of raised land to sleep on. They made a fire and camp, and they set the watch for every few hours rotation. During the second watch with Jenaya on duty however, strange lights were seen in the distance. Seeing these lights, Jenaya immediately woke the party.

Auron and Corrin became captivated by the lights and began to walk towards them. The rest of the party did their best to stop the movement, but to no avail. This is when the Light Orbs showed themselves and attacked. Auron and Corrin were captivated throughout most of the fight, but thanks to the precision shooting of Jenaya, one of the orbs was felled, and the other faded away into the night. Artemis Kronos tried to help during this batter, but he discovered that he was terrible at throwing objects.

After a fitful nights rest, the party continued to travel west. The party kept sinking deeper and deeper into the marshes, and travel, not to mention visibility, became more and more difficult. Corrin was the only party member who seemed to be struggling to keep up. A corpse of a mutilated crocodile was found after some travel, and it had four widely spaced vertical cuts in it. This did little to help the party’s nerves, but they continued along.

A few minutes later, Jenaya and Auron spotted a huge shadowy figure in the distance. The party decided that it would be best to avoid whatever this thing was, and aided by Thoron’s ghost sound, they were able to distract the creature and make an escape.

Later during the day it seemed that they were being followed. Jenaya had the senses to pick this up, or else the party would never have known. A couple of attempts were made to shake off their pursuers or figure out who was following them, but none of these attempts were successful.

As dusk was falling the party came upon small skull columns coming out of the swamp water. After much debate, it was decided that the party would make camp on the other side of the skull markings, but Artemis Kronos instead climbed a near tree to sleep in during the night.

While the party was deciding on whether or not they should make a campfire, they were ambushed through the fog by darts. One of the darts struck home, but then the attackers were spotted with the help of a sun rod. The attackers were Lizardfolk and they were using blowguns from the water. Auron was able to dispatch two of them quickly, and Jenaya felled the third. After this ambush the party created a fire and set a watch for the rest of the night.

Traveling on the third morning wasn’t any easier than the previous days, but the party seemed to endure it well. It was only a couple of minutes in when they discovered the corpse of a Lizardman that was horribly mutilated. Just a little further along, they heard the sound of a huge creature apparently eating something. Auron and Jenaya crept forward to figure out what it was. Upon getting closer it was discovered that a Troll was eating what looked like a leg.

Auron and Jenaya took the monster by surprise. Auron began choking it, and Jenaya took some shots at it from a distance. Now suddenly aware of being choked from behind, the Troll lashes out at Auron and hits him so badly that he becomes bloodied and extremely wounded. The party continues to attack the large foe to bring him down. It is knocked to the ground, but after Corrin tried to deal a lethal blow, the monster struck out at him and knocked him unconscious. Thoron was able to stabilize him, but he did not know what else to do.

After more attacks, the Troll stopped moving, but it seemed that it was continue to regenerate unless something was tried. The party then decided to light it on fire with torches. After the creature was burned to the bone, it seemed that the party had finally killed the Troll.


You awaken to the smell of freshly baked bread shortly after sunrise on a cool fall morning. Street vendors and merchants can be heard wheeling their carts across the cobblestone streets to the market square. It isn’t long before the morning streets are bustling with business. The cool morning air finally begins to warm slightly as the sun rises to the east. After a good nights rest you make your way out into the city streets of New Haven to run some early morning errands.

It is on these busy streets that you catch word of preparations being made for a merchant caravan to make the biyearly trek to the distant town of Hommlet. This small town of less than one thousand inhabitants was discovered just three years ago, and remains the only other known settlement in the area to date. You’ve thought of joining up with just such a caravan over the past several years, but the extreme dangers involved with such travel requires serious thought. It’s well known that of the five previous caravans, three have failed to return, and no survivors have ever been found. You decide to think it over since the deadline for signing up as a mercenary is still two weeks away.

Completing your morning routine you then decide to stop to check out the news post outside the Griffon’s Nest Inn. Curious, you hope that something might peak your interest. Apparently the city guard is looking for a few good sword-arms to strengthen their numbers. Patrols around the perimeter of the city walls have been on the increase as of late.

Another post is looking for adventurers interested in delving out into the darkness beyond the safety of New Haven’s city walls. A meeting is set for tomorrow evening at sundown at the Griffon’s Nest Inn. There is no signature hinting at who might have left the announcement.

Winter is now closing in fast, and you know your personal coffers are running low once again. Sickness is said to be spreading in the poorer districts of the city, and there is growing concern that this winter could see a much higher mortality rate than usual. Not to mention that poor crops this fall are sure to lead not only to a food shortage this winter, but inflated prices!

Tired of the never ending routines of daily life and the struggle to survive, you’ve finally decided it’s time to take control of your destiny!


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